A Note for John Jr., Denise, JoAnn, & John Sr.

-Hello Racers, Hope this note finds all of you in good health and spirit and we hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving.  We want to touch base with all of you about the 2015 Race Season, and the 2013 End of the Year Awards. The awards for the 2014 season will be given out on opening day at the track before the start of the 2015 racing season.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call John Sr. (203-948-1945) and he will be more than happy to discuss any of your concerns or questions. The schedule for the 2015 race season is not complete yet but it will be soon.  We can tell you a little about what is on the agenda for the new year.
  1. Weather permitting, we hope to open by the 3rd Saturday in April, but as we all know April showers bring May flowers.
  2. All races will be held on either the 1st and 3rd or the 2nd and 4th Saturday every month throughout the race season.  All open Saturdays will be used for rain outs, special events, track rentals, etc.
  3. A new tire rule will be going into effect for the 2015 season.  All Burris Slick Dirt compounds may be sued in all of the stock flat head classes (22s, 33s, 44s, or 55s).  Vega and Burris Tires may be used in the Clone, Animal, 2 cycle and all Open Classes.
  4. We are currently working a new website that will be more user friendly so hopefully we will be able to post more race pictures, weekly race results, race reports and new letters during the racing season.
  5. We are also working on mass text messaging to everyone who would like to be contacted in case of a last minute cancellation or changes on race day.  If you are interested please email or contact Denise with your cell phone number.  She can be reached at denise.ovspeedway@gmail.com or by phone at 203-241-5741.
Well that is all the new we have for now.  We will do our best to keep you all in the loop as what is going on at the track.  Please check back periodically for the new 2015 race schedule and once again if you have any questions or concens about anything please feel free to call John Sr. at 203-948-1945.  If he misses your call please leave your name and phone number and he'll get back to you as soon as possible. Your family at Oakland Valley Speedway would like to wish you all a Very Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year. Can't wait to see you all again in the 2015 Racing Season. Sincerely, John Jr., Denise, JoAnn and John Sr.

Summer Points Results

Summer Point Results - all people listed are eligible for awards Junior 1
  1. Brycen Krom
Junior 2
  1. Jesse Pruchnic
  2. Josh Gower
  3. Derek Salerno
Junior Champ
  1. Anthony Wood
Senior 380 lbs.
  1. Pat Hayes
  2. Jordan Lawrence
  3. Cliff Brickhouse
Senior Stock
  1. Kevin Morgan

Novemberfest Information


Racing is Cancelled for October 11th

Due to the weather and extremely wet track conditions we have decided to cancel racing for today, October 11th.


Get your karts, slingshots, motorcycles & quad out ladies and gentleman...WE ARE RACING TODAY!!! Track is in great shape and the rain is going to stop!!! There is money up for grabs today as well. WHO IS GOING TO TAKE IT HOME WITH THEM!!! Open Expert Motorcycle - $300 to win Quad Pro/Am - $300 to win Kart Pro-Class 380 lbs. - $300 to win (must run an additional class) 10 entries per class needed - $30 entry fee

Race Report by John Sainz

Oakland Valley Speedway Race Report by John Sainz September 27,2014: It was great to finally get back to Oakland Valley Speedway, after what seemed to be the off season..and get into some great racing at the track. The track was well prepared as always by John Diotte and his crew. It was also good to see some new faces as well as some that have returned. There was some great racing in all of the classes, and the first feature to hit the track was the always fast Open class. Only four out of the eight drivers started the feature, as in the heat race there was an accident involving three drivers. Spoke with one of them on the phone tonight, and all of them were doing fine. Steven Smith took home the win over Sonny Novotny and Richie Goss. We hope to have a good group of Open class drivers for our Novemberfest race. In the Champ classes, Anthony Wood cruised to the win in his Rage Junior Champ, while in Junior Sportsman Champ 1, Robert the Rocket Mattera made his return to Oakland Valley Speedway a great one by taking the win over Arlen the Animal Devantoy, also returning to action this week. Rounding out the top three was Ben Demott. Our Senior Stock class saw track champion Kevin Morgan taking the win over John Diotte,Jr. who came out of retirement to try and get a win on his 40th birthday. But Kevin had other plans…Happy birthday Johnny! John DeBarber was third with Clark McCollum fourth. In Junior Stock, Ryan Tani made his track debut this year and looked very fast in his newe ride. But it was Matt Luzi taking the win in this race. Look forward to seeing these guys out there again. In Senior Clone, Trevor Jones held off a hard charging Scott Thomas to pick up the win. Wayne Utter came home third. In Senior 340, Michael Snyder returned to Oakland Valley Speedway after a four year absence, due to going to college and took home the win in his first race. Great job by Michael and his dad. Good to meet you guys. Corey Wood took second while Patrick Dempsey took third. The Senior 380 class saw Patrick Kelly take the win over Pat Hayes. In Junior 2, Derek Salerno got into the winners circle and drove a great race. Josh Gower was our second place finisher and Jesse Pruchnic was third. In Junior 1, Robert the Rocket Mattera, doing double duty in his other kart, had it on cruise control as he took the win. It was great to see Mattera Racing back at their home track! Brycen Krom took second and Arlen the Animal Devantoy was third. Sam Laughlin took the win over Eric Marchesini in Rookie Clone. Driving the Oakland Valley Speedway track rental karts, the brothers Tarallo, Dan and Chris, battled it out on the track. Chris was looking like he had the race won, but a spin enabled Dan to take the lead and pick up the win. These karts are available each week for anyone to rent for the day. Come out and give it a try! You will get hooked on kart racing! The380 Pro race saw Scott Thomas take a good size lead , with Corey Wood slowly catching him, but ran out of laps as Scott took the win. Corey held on for second, with Patrick Dempsey third. The World Formula Modified Tour was on hand today, and it was a hard fought feature, as the Rookie status was lifted from Anthony Wood, and was able to start outside pole. Paul Pairo started on pole, and at the green flag, Paul and Dave Parker quickly got past Anthony and all four driver’s drove bumper to bumper for the first half of the race. A caution came out when Anthony Wood scraped the outside wall, putting him to the rear of the field. At the restart, Wood got by Roy Morris, and the top three ran together, until a slip by Paul Pairo, allowing Parker and Wood to get by. These two battled until the final lap, with Dave holding off a hard charging Autism Awareness car driven by Wood. Very good race. In Junior Slingshot, Bobby Flood took the win over Wyatt Hager. The All Star Slingshot class had Corey Cormier take the win over Steve Pirone and Dalton Maynard NOVEMBERFEST is coming soon! Start making you plane to be at this race! Always a great time with friends and family. Oh and there is racing too! Details coming out soon! Check us out on Facebook and our website for more information about our track and future events! Oaklandvalleyspeedway.com Junior Champ: 1. Anthony Wood (14.033) Junior Sportsman Champ 1: 1. Robert Mattera (15.575) 2. Arlen Devantoy 3. Ben Demott Senior Stock: 1. Kevin Morgan (14.243) 2. John Diotte,Jr. 3. John DeBarber 4. Clark McCollum Junior Stock: 1. Matthew Luzi (14.212) 2. Ryan Tani Senior Clone: 1. Trevor Jones (14.306) 2. Scott Thomas 3. Wayne Utter Senior 340: 1. Michael Snyder 2. Corey Wood 3. Patrick Dempsey(14.291) Senior 380: 1. Patrick Kelly 2. Pat Hayes Junior 2: 1. Derek Salerno (14.983) 2. Josh Gower 3. Jesse Pruchnic Junior 1: 1. Robert Mattera (14.866) 2. Brycen Krum 3. Arlen Devantoy World Formula Modified: 1. Dave Parker 2. Anthony Wood 3. Paul Pairo 4. Roy Morris Rookie Clone: 1. Sam Laughlin (15.208) 2. Eric Marchesini Opens: 1. Steven Smith 2. Sonny Novotny 3. Richie Goss 4. Mike Newberry (13.758) DNS Chris Knowlton DNS Robert Knowlton DNS Nikki Vicarioli DNS Will Doubleday Senior Rookie: 1. Dan Tarallo 2. Chris Tarallo (15.259) 380 Pro Race: 1. Scott Thomas 2. Corey Wood (14.273) 3. Patrick Dempsey Junior Slingshot: 1. Bobby Flood 2. Wyatt Hager All Star Slingshots: 1. Corey Cormier (14.290) 2. Steve Pirone 3. Dalton Maynard


Motorcycles & Quads now Racing Every Satruday Night this Summer

We will now be racing motorcycles and quads on Saturday nights along with go-karts and slingshots. Gates open 1:00 pm and practice starts at 4:00 pm Printable Schedule Here We will no be running on Sundays anymore.


Due to circumstances beyond our control we are forced to CANCEL the first race schedule for this SUNDAY April 27th.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  Our next race is scheduled for June 29th.
Oakland Valley Speedway Race Report by John Sainz April 19,2014: It was great to be back at the track racing after a long, cold winter. Thanks to John Diotte and his crew and all the staff for a great show tonight. Also thanks to all the racers that came out and raced with us. We look forward to the Northeast King of Karting Money Series race next week at our track. All of our regular classes were scheduled to run tonight.Our first money race of the season for Flathead 340 saw a great battle between Bill Wood, who took the lead from his third place starting position on the third lap. Bill had time trialed on the pole, but was moved to third after the invert pill was drawn by him to invert the top 3 qualifiers. So that moved Scott Bentley to the pole, with Jeremy Tuttle staying in the second starting position and Bill Wood in third. Wood led from there, until the white flag was shown to the racers on lap 19. It was then that Donny Vanguilder, who started fourth, made his way to second, and was right on his rear bumper the whole race, made a move and passed Wood for the lead and the win. Donny picked up the $200 for his efforts, and well deserved after making his return to Oakland Valley Speedway for the first time in two years after a hard crash that put him out of action for a while. Great job by Donny and his dad. Scott Bentley held off Roger Belanger for third place. Our new Senior classes for the season are Flathead 340 and Flathead 380. In the 340 class, Scott Bentley picked up the win, with Roger Belanger taking second place from his seventh place starting position in a tough field of drivers. Coming home third was Money race winner Donny Vanguilder. Corey Wood placed fourth after starting in eleventh place and Jeremy Tuttle rounded out the top five. Our Junior Stock class saw a very fast Brendan Darrah take the win in his first race in this class. Garret Delaney took home second with Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald third. In Junior 1, Robert the Rocket Mattera debuted his new Rage flat kart and cruised to the win. Tyler Filarecki was second with Patricia Wiltse third. In Flathead 380, Bill Wood took the win followed closely by Danny Hoeffner. Scott Thomas placed third. In Junior 2, Tyler Belanger picked up where he left off last season, by taking home the win in this class. Derek Salerno was second with Josh Gower third. Our Junior Rookie was Brycen Krom. Our Senior Clone was Matt Kamna and in Senior rookie, Trevor Reynolds took the win over Lucas Nestoros. In the Junior Champ class, Michael Wagner- Fitzgerald took the win over Anthony Wood and Samantha Mattera. Our Senior Champ driver was Jeremiah Wagner. In Junior Sportsman 1 Champ, Robert Mattera took the win, with Freaky Fast Mikey Jacques coming in second and Arlen the Animal Devantoy in third. In the Junior Slingshot class, tighe Sherlock took the win with class champ Matt DeRitter close behind for second. Anthony Recchio was our third place finisher. Alan Selemba, making his slingshot debut, had a respectable fourth place finish. Great job Alan! Our All-Star slingshot driver was Tanner Correia. Please join us next week for our series race! Tonights feature results are as follows: Flathead 340:Money Race: 1. Donny Vanguilder 2. Bill Wood 3. Scott Bentley 4. Roger Belanger 5. Eddie Sickles 6. Thomas Radivoy 7. Corey Wood 8. Patrick Dempsey 9. Scott Thomas 10. Dennis Matthews 11. Jeremiah Wagner 12. Jeremy Tuttle 13. Mike Allery Flathead 340: 1. Scott Bentley 2. Roger Belanger 3. Donny Vanguilder 4. Corey Wood 5. Jeremy Tuttle 6. Mike Allery 7. Clark McCollum 8. Dennis Matthews 9. Thomas Radivoy 10. Patrick Dempsey 11. Eddie Sickles Junior Stock: 1. Brendan Darrah 2. Garret Delaney 3. Michael Wagner Fitzgerald 4. Colin Belanger 5. Justin Buff 6. Anthony Nertney 7. Tanner Correia 8. Ira Landrum Junior 1: 1. Robert Mattera 2. Tyler Filarecki 3. Patricia Wiltse 4. Michael Wilts Flathead 380: 1. Bill Wood 2. Danny Hoeffner 3. Scott Thomas 4. Patrick Kelly 5. David Crisci 6. Cliff Brickhouse Junior Champ: 1. Michael Wagner Fitzgerald 2. Anthony Wood 3. Samantha Mattera 4. Jessica Mattera Sr Champ: 1. Jeremiah Wagner Junior 1 Champ: 1. Robert Mattera 2. Michael Jacques 3. Arlen Devantoy Junior 2: 1. Tyler Belanger 2. Derek Salerno 3. Josh Gower 4. Christian Crandall Junior Rookie: 1. Brycen Krom Senior Clone: 1. Matt Kamna Senior Rookie: 1. Trevor Reynolds 2. Lucas Nestoros Junior Slingshot: 1. Tighe Sherlock 2. Matt DeRitter 3. Anthony Recchio 4. Alan Selemba 5. Justin Mills 6. Jake Mason 7. Gavin McClure 8. Wyatt Hager All Star Slingshot: 1. Tanner Correia Check us out on Facebook and our website for more information about our track and future events! Oaklandvalleyspeedway.com