Come be the King of Oakland Valley Speedway on June 6th and get yourself ready to become Northeast King of Karting when the series makes their appearance the following weekend, June 13th


Light, Mediums & Heavys


Junior Stock (Junior 2 Pro)

Large Trophies will be awarded for 1st-3rd place for Junior 1, Junior 2 and Sportsman 2 Champ

NEW AND IMPROVED 2015 Racing Schedule

We are pleased to announce our 2015 racing schedule, fees and times.

We will be racing karts, slingshots, motorcycles and quads during all Saturday Night Point Races.


Any weekends that have nothing scheduled will be reserved for Rain Outs as well as track rentals or special events. When the schedule states CLOSED WEEKEND, no events will be rescheduled for those dates.

  We will be opening the gates at 12:00 pm and practice will be scheduled to begin at 3:00 pm, racing to tentatively start by 5:00 pm.  

*** New for 2015 - DISCOUNTED PIT PASS PRICES ***

  Pit Passes - $10.00 Non-racing Children 10 & under - $5.00 Children 3 & under - FREE ALL people entering the facility will need to have a pit pass Kart/Slingshot Entry Fees: $25.00 for non-money classes $30.00 for money classes Kart/Slingshot money classes receive $10 per entry into the prize purse Motorcycle/Quad Entry Fees: $25.00 for non-money classes $40.00 for money classes Motorcycle/Quad money classes to receive 50% of entry fee 2015 Schedule is as Follows April 18th - Opening Day Practice April 25th - Opening Day Practice May 9th - 2nd Points Race May 16th - 3rd Points Race May 22nd - 24th - CLOSED WEEKEND - Happy Memorial Day May 30th - 4th Points Race May 31st - please visit Lebanon Valley for the NORTHEAST KING OF KARTING SERIES June 6th - 5th Points Race June 13th - NORTHEAST KING OF KARTING SERIES & Slingshot Empire Tour Series June 20th - 6th Points Race June 27th - 7th Points Race July 3rd - 5th - CLOSED WEEKEND - Happy 4th of July July 10th - please visit Dodge City Raceway for the NORTHEAST KING OF KARTING SERIES July 11th - 8th Points Race July 18th - 9th Points Race July 25th - OVS CLOSED - please visit Turkey Trot Raceway for the NORTHEAST KING OF KARTING SERIES August 1st - OVS CLOSED - please visit Turkey Trot Raceway for the 3rd Annual Adirondack Nationals August 8th - 10th Points Race August 22nd - 11th Points Race August 28th - please visit Caroga Creek Speedway for the NORTHEAST KING OF KARTING SERIES September 4th - 6th - CLOSED WEEKEND - Happy Labor Day September 12th - 12th Points Race September 19th - 13th Points Race September 26th - 27th - AMA VINTAGE NATIONAL presented by Tri-State Motorcycle Club - no karts or slingshots October 3rd - 14th Points Race October 16th - 18th - NOVEMBERFEST in October October 23rd - 25th - NOVEMBERFEST make up date


A Note for John Jr., Denise, JoAnn, & John Sr.

-Hello Racers, Hope this note finds all of you in good health and spirit and we hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving.  We want to touch base with all of you about the 2015 Race Season, and the 2013 End of the Year Awards. The awards for the 2014 season will be given out on opening day at the track before the start of the 2015 racing season.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call John Sr. (203-948-1945) and he will be more than happy to discuss any of your concerns or questions. The schedule for the 2015 race season is not complete yet but it will be soon.  We can tell you a little about what is on the agenda for the new year.
  1. Weather permitting, we hope to open by the 3rd Saturday in April, but as we all know April showers bring May flowers.
  2. All races will be held on either the 1st and 3rd or the 2nd and 4th Saturday every month throughout the race season.  All open Saturdays will be used for rain outs, special events, track rentals, etc.
  3. A new tire rule will be going into effect for the 2015 season.  All Burris Slick Dirt compounds may be sued in all of the stock flat head classes (22s, 33s, 44s, or 55s).  Vega and Burris Tires may be used in the Clone, Animal, 2 cycle and all Open Classes.
  4. We are currently working a new website that will be more user friendly so hopefully we will be able to post more race pictures, weekly race results, race reports and new letters during the racing season.
  5. We are also working on mass text messaging to everyone who would like to be contacted in case of a last minute cancellation or changes on race day.  If you are interested please email or contact Denise with your cell phone number.  She can be reached at or by phone at 203-241-5741.
Well that is all the new we have for now.  We will do our best to keep you all in the loop as what is going on at the track.  Please check back periodically for the new 2015 race schedule and once again if you have any questions or concens about anything please feel free to call John Sr. at 203-948-1945.  If he misses your call please leave your name and phone number and he'll get back to you as soon as possible. Your family at Oakland Valley Speedway would like to wish you all a Very Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year. Can't wait to see you all again in the 2015 Racing Season. Sincerely, John Jr., Denise, JoAnn and John Sr.

Summer Points Results

Summer Point Results - all people listed are eligible for awards Junior 1
  1. Brycen Krom
Junior 2
  1. Jesse Pruchnic
  2. Josh Gower
  3. Derek Salerno
Junior Champ
  1. Anthony Wood
Senior 380 lbs.
  1. Pat Hayes
  2. Jordan Lawrence
  3. Cliff Brickhouse
Senior Stock
  1. Kevin Morgan