Why Race Here?

Raced before, but not here?

If you have raced Karts, motorcycles, quads or slingshots, you know how much fun it can be! But why race with us?

1. An Incredible Track.

[caption id="attachment_782" align="alignright" width="200" caption="An incredible track makes your racing superior!"]An incredible track makes your racing superior![/caption] Our track is maintained by John, the owner of Oakland Valley Oval Dirt Track. He takes pride in making an incredible surface on which to race. (It's also longer than most tracks!)

2. More Bang for Your Buck!

Our prices are not only competitive, but superior. We offer more races per pass, and more warmup per pass, too.

3. More Time on Track.

We offer more laps during racing and practice. See more about time on track >

4. Racer & Pit Crew Friendly.

[caption id="attachment_780" align="alignright" width="200" caption="All types of racing, such as motorcycles, quads, slingshots and (of course) go-karts!"]All types of racing, such as motorcycles, quads, slingshots and (of course) go-karts![/caption] Not only do we have a large pit area, but also drive on scales and more.

5. On-Site Kart Shop.

We have an on-site shop that does repairs and rents karts.

6. Amenities (like Food).

Our goal is to make your time here enjoyable and fun.

7. All Types of Racing.

We don't just specialize in Kart racing. We feel that all types of fun rides should be raced! Motorcycles, slingshots, and quads are all accepted.